Xem Phim Bếp Lửa Gia Đình

Bếp Lửa Gia Đình

Tên phim: Bếp Lửa Gia Đình

Đạo Diễn: Đang Cập Nhật

Diễn Viên: Đang cập nhật

Thể loại: Phim Hong Kong

Sản Xuất: TVB

Quốc Gia: Hồng Kong & Trung Quốc

Thời Lượng: 100 Tập

Năm Phát Hành: 2011

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Bộ Phim Bếp Lửa Gia Đình – Be Home For Dinner 51/120 Uslt

Chinese Title: 誰家灶頭無煙火
English Title: Be Home For Dinner
Genre: Modern, Sitcom
Producer: Tsui Yu On (Vitrues of Harmony, Links To Temptation, Every Move You Make)
Status: Still filming, started in January 2011.
Episodes: 120


- Kristal Tin <==> Stephen Au (bickering couple)
- Kristal Tin <==> Ngok Wah (on bad terms)
- Kristal Tin <==> Jason Chan (mentor-student)
- Stephen Au <==> Ngok Wah (brothers)
- Ngok Wah <==> Jason Chan (father-son)
- Jason Chan <==> Matt Yeung (best friends)
- Jason Chan <==> Katy Kung (step-siblings)
- Helena Ma <==> Jason Chan (step mother-son)
- Jason Chan <==> Becky Lee (have feelings mutually)

In a Chinese household, the dining table is the place where the family’s relationship revolves upon on. The CHUNG family is the traditional model Chinese family. The father CHUNG KWOK CHYU (Ngok Wah) is the supplement chief editor for Ko Jim Daily. He enjoys a famous reputation as a food critic. Loving the taste in the food markets, CHYU ensures he’s home for dinner every night. He believes the best home cooked dishes are made with the world’s highest quality ingredient…..love.

At the Chung household, CHYU has to face the dough kneeding bickering younger brother CHUNG KWOK TUNG (Stephen Au) and his son CHUNG SI HON (Jason Chan), whose values differ from his. His wife BO KWAI SUM (Helena Ma) also fears that she’s not doing enough as the stepmother. And finally there is the half-siblings (same father, different mother) SI HON and SI NA (Katy Kung).. who do not understand fine foods. How can fine foods be drawn into each member of the Chung family and open the window?.

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