Xem Phim Vạn Phụng Chi Vương

Vạn Phụng Chi Vương

Tên phim: Vạn Phụng Chi Vương

Đạo Diễn:

Diễn Viên: Gigi Wong, Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu, Sunny Chan

Thể loại: Phim BộPhim Hong Kong

Sản Xuất: TVB

Quốc Gia: Hồng Kong & Trung Quốc

Thời Lượng: 29 tập

Năm Phát Hành: 2011

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Title: 萬凰之王
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Maan Wong Chi Wong / Wan Huang Zhi Wang
English Title: Curse of the Royal Harem
Genre: Historical fiction
Episodes: 29 (HD version)
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2011-Oct-31 to 2011-Dec-04

Sunny Chan as Emperor Dao Guang (道光)
Jessica Hsuan as concubine Quan Fei (全妃)
Myolie Wu as Empress Xiao Shen Cheng (孝慎成)
Gigi Wong as Emperor Dao Guang’s mother
Rebecca Chan as Empress Xiao Shen Cheng’s mother
Gordon Liu as Prime Minister (Empress Xiao Shen Cheng’s father)
Joel Chan as Rui Qin Wang (瑞親王)
Sire Ma as Lok Yan (樂欣)
Elena Kong as Xin Huang Tai Fei (信皇太妃) (concubine of Emperor Jia Qing)
Nancy Wu as a concubine
Ben Wong as a student of Chinese and western medicine
Jess Sum as concubine Cheng Fei (成妃)
Vivien Yeo as concubine Yun Fei (芸妃)
Charmaine Li as a concubine

While Emperor TO KWONG, MAN NING (Sunny Chan) is about to crown YUN YUEN (Myolie Wu) as Empress HAU SUN, Empress Dowager CHAT LAI FUN (Gigi Wong) is forcing NIOHURU YEE LAN (Jessica Hester Hsuan) to commit suicide for the late eldest prince.

To rescue his sister-in-law, Emperor TO KWONG puts the coronation ceremony on hold and even takes LAN as his concubine, sparking off a series of wrangles and power struggles inside the royal harem. Caught up in all of this, Emperor TO KWONG is utterly exhausted, and becomes even more so when the affair between YUEN and Prince SHUI (Joel Chan) begins to surface. Through years of oppression, LAN has turned from a simple kind-hearted girl into a sophisticated vicious woman. Refusing to be a victim of fate, she follows the evil path and is now crafty enough to play tug-of-war with anyone in power…

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